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Säure Adler – “All That Is Was Meant To Be” | Full Album 2018


Update on “MUSIK”

“Musik” has for now become a live jam project, new jams are posted on our youtube or soundcloud, and the ones we consider good enough – on bandcamp. A.J. Kaufmann’s “Hare Gandzia Hare” album was compiled from the first 6 Musik jam sessions/experiments. You can find it on http://ajkaufmann.bandcamp.com.

For details on “Musik”
and the new blog for all A.J. Kaufmann/Via Kosmische-related activities (plus online store with CD-R, CD, Tape, and Vinyl):

At the end of 2018 we will pick the best ideas out of those weeds of sound, and prepare a brand new album which we would love to release on Aumega Project. Check out Aumega Project at http://aumegaproject.bandcamp.com – they have been very supportive of us, are a great label, and they deserve the best music – so, back to work!

“Transmitting Poland​-​Argentina”

Dziękuję tym, którzy wspierają krautrockowe wibracje… na płycie znajduje się “Księżyc” z udziałem Eliza Dycha, znane z KakofoNIKTowej płyty “Navel of the Universe” w autorskiej wersji, a także inne ciekawe utwory nagrane z okazji 50-lecia Kosmische Musik. Miłego słuchania 😊podziękowania dla Nicolás Desulovich / Nebular Silence.

¡Y seguimos de estrenos en Nebular Silence!
Säure Adler es un proyecto de krautrock y música experimental polaco con años de experiencia, pero que esta vez trae trece pistas grabadas en 2018 en Via Kosmische, festival organizado para celebrar los 50 años del krautrock. En el álbum hay jams, canciones originales y otras son variaciones de algunos clásicos.
We continue premiering on Nebular Silence!
Säure Adler is a krautrock/experimental Polish project with many years of experience, but this time it brings thirteen tracks recorded at 2018 Via Kosmische, fest celebrating the 50 years of krautrock. In this album you’ll find jams, original songs and variations on well-known themes.

“Musik” – the new album in the works.

Our brand new album titled simply “Musik” is currently in the works. It will take some time, as we want this to be an even better album than “The Aumega Sessions”, which reached Top-5 in the Underground Charts of the German Eclipsed-Rock Magazin for June 2018. So, enough of jam-sessions (though there will be free form madness on the new album for sure), and time to get to serious (though always with a sense of humor) songwriting… also master the new synths that appeared at Via Kosmische. We think the new, and very cool, album will be ready for January 2019… until then, fellow space tourists!


The KRAUT 50 project…

This year marks 50 years of krautrock, or, as we prefer to call it, underground German rock. To celebrate this occasion, in May we released a 50-track compilation album, “Kraut 50 – The Living Jam Album”. It is available on our bandcamp, and also via the great German netlabel, Aumega Project. Here are the links:

This month, we released a recent jam session album, “Proud To Be Kraut”, which is 8 tracks of cosmic repetetivness and chaos. This is part two of our project. We are currently working on even more music to celebrate this special year.

1968-2018 – onwards…


New compilation – “Just Then We Woke Up…”

“The Heavy Underground Krautrock, Kosmische and Psychedelic Industrial Sounds of Säure Adler. We present a special compilation made exclusively for First Earth Records that samples the extraordinary sounds of one of the great contemporary underground bands making new music in the cosmic tradition.
First Earth Records

A short EP just for kicks

This was recorded yesterday, Live @ Amaranth House’s garage. Inspired by VU’s “White Light / White Heat”, Japanese punk bands, no-fi, no wave, Butthole Surfers, this is an “imaginary demo”, meaning this could be the first Sauer Adler release (instead of the folky “Revelation” album which we unleashed back in 2013). But you can’t change history! So, this is the zero point again, which is important for any musician, who doesn’t want ego to take over. Directly before recording this monster to 4 track, we listened to Guru Guru’s “UFO” album.