(Selected) Lyrics

Our first lyric book has arrived as of September 23 2017.
selections below:

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Aurora was the girl of ages
Reading from the golden page
Of futures bright and people laughing
In a world without no graves
Or borders, walls and misconceptions
Gods and kings and useless rules
Stepping out of crystal fountains
Savior of eternal youth
Aurora, Aurora

Aurora sprinkled deep in sunrise
Sunset waits for fertile hands
To lead our star to future mountains
Himalayan thinker’s path
Where none intrudes the waiting hermit
Making love to summer skies
Orchids bend and tulips whisper
Of their flower beaded bride
Aurora, Aurora

Another time, another victim
Of this pretty game called life
Aurora lifts the fashion curtains
Sings a song of pure surprise
On darkened ears her sweetened tones fall
Like a chime of foreign bliss
Now the shadows lose their meaning
No one’s dying on his knees
Aurora, Aurora

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

I was riding on my bike – looking for a perfect hike
And I wasn’t high on shrooms, though my head was filled with doom
Listening to a space rock song I thought nothing could go wrong
Started browsing you know what for you know who, just looking for a thing to do
When a message popped out fast and I thought shit, man, I’m gonna crash
But I managed to ride on down the road to Berlin dawn

So she said she digs the Stones, got a thing for mammoth bones
And her face made the whole trip a mess, later came this MMS
Last thing I remember doing was a spinning and a turning
To the tune of „Kick Out the Jams”, oh man, the shit has hit the fan
Listening to a space rock song I thought nothing could go wrong
But then I think the shrooms kicked in from a crater in her skin
Yeah, I guess had a gig to play, but I couldn’t come today
So I woke up and the doctor gave me head on a sterile German bed
What a trip, man.

So I totaled everything but it helped my soul to sin
With the sins I haven’t sinned before „Son, they call it rock’n’roll”
In the chill of spoon balloons she has swallowed both my moons
And I gave her all kinds of highs, and I will till the day I die
Just remember what Isabella said – before I tripped she told me „Break a leg!”

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Yeah I got kicked in the face, punched in the guts
I got loved so hard and heavy that I closed my eyes
Yeah I closed them for good anyone could see
That the coffin they gave me didn’t fit my shit

Well it’s two steps forward
Three steps back
The biggest deal in town
And the cops that they attack without a code

Yeah I got married real young, got divorced too fast
Now I’m counting the years turning night to day
And the friends that I knew in my tiny town
Are no longer the ones I’d like to hang around with

Yeah there’s no reason too loud and no whisky too cheap
For me to start talking on the midnight shift
When the town awakes and it grabs my clothes
Well it’s time to dress up metropolitan cold

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

I’m raiding radioactive
I send beams from my eyes
I’m singing the cadabra
It ain’t no surprise
I’m moving like a phantom
Through seductive streets
I’m turning in my night coat
Got to die on my knees

I’m just a cold war kid

I’m seeing multi-colored
I’m a child of fear
I’m chaos embodied
Full of hazardous thrills
I’m pushing up the limits
Of my bodily self
I’m dancing like a starbeam
On its way down to hell

I’m just a cold war kid

I’m the new sun rising
On a morning mushroom sky
I’m nuclear drops of rain
I’m a gliding paramount cry
I’m the old moon fading
Like a piercing cry of death
I’m the futuristic meadows
Where you lose your earthly breath

I’m just a cold war kid

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Out of tune, out of time, out of everything that counts ’round here
Out of tune, out of time, out of rhyme, out of spoons
Hanging on the dark side of this mirror
Out of time, out of tune, out of sanctuary, you shouldn’t count on me
Cause it’s bitter and it’s cold ’round here, out of tune
And the glitter is gone for good

Break the chains
It’s the Lords that came
To the Feast again
And they’re bored

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Florescence blooms
In a spring day
Purple acid
Makes you fly
Angels of hysteria
Mark your step
Infant pills
A stolen cry

Circular apprentice
Under Marvel skies

Florescence blooms
In a long day
Velvet mushrooms
Soaked with life
Guardians of lysergic
Mountains sleep
Under roving
Moons of time

Prophets of illusion
Under marble skies

Florescence blooms
On a wet night
Folky towers
Make you sleep
Right this way
To Fairyport
Sunken circus rising
From the deep

Prophets of illusion
Under marble skies

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Electric meadows we all painted white
Everyone’s dead ’round here, but nobody dies
The sun and pilots they choose one way
They leave behind a mess of vapor trails…
Hello Utopia!

A million blocks under clear blue sky
No need to worry, ask us – we all know why
Your future’s world’s good for us all
And we don’t care about the warning bells that toll…
Hello Utopia!

The morning sun is crossed out of the day
Chrome Angel Rider – who cares the price to pay?
It’s both your Life and freedom road
So set the sails and raise the sword!

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

A billion visions flowing
A billion stars are glowing
A billion sounds around me
A billion stars surround me
A billion years ago
A billion ways to go
A billion eyes to see
A billion things to be

Interstellar blues.

A billion deaths ago
A billion lives before
A billion circles turning
A billion clusters burning
A billion cities falling
A billion voices calling
A billion peaks to climb
A billion voids to find

Interstellar blues.

A billion gods to meet you
A billion suns to greet you
A billion egos crashing
A billion angels laughing
A billion notes below
A billion tongues to use
A billion ways to go
It’s interstellar blues

Interstellar blues.

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

She lives in a daydream that falls quick to night
Pearls on her neck cannot make up for that
She’s got a companion in a ‘lil cage of glass
It’s a bird or a monkey is it there hard to tell
Laughing and flying cross her punctured room
Till the mistress says stop and the curtain hits moon

Oh Margaret
Learn to forget
Oh Margaret
Learn to forget

She smokes a cigar made of lipstick and nails
In a cozy bed mirror that reflects but her face
And the silence is pretty when he enters the room
With some flowers for gardens and some heat for the spoon
Laughing and flying cross her punctured room
Till the mirage is gone and there is nothing but gloom

Oh Margaret
Learn to forget
Oh Margaret
Learn to forget

She wears a fine skirt made of leopard’s skin
In the streets of the city, in the city of dreams
Where her voice is paraded like a dumb little dog
By a man with no trousers on a bike made of skulls
Laughing and riding cross her punctured room
Till the TV explodes and the clock strikes noon

Oh Margaret
Learn to forget
Oh Margaret
Learn to forget

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

All that I wish is to slide to the sea and dive
All that I wish is to ride on a cloud and fly
All that I wish is to slide to the sea and dive
All that I wish is to stroke the head of the sun

All that I wish, clear blue sky, fields of green in the pure new sun
All that I wish – rivers of blue
Long hot summer nights with you

All that I wish is to dream for a while and fade
All that I wish is a multicolor fountain grave
All that I wish is to fall from a hill and fly
All that I wish is to watch the sea slide

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Too much sunshine on my tired lips
Too much sunshine in my tired head
Too much sunshine in my tired eyes
Too much sunshine in the life I led
Thought I’d become dumb
But I became glad

Too much sunshine in my pocket
Too much sunshine in your hands
Too much sunshine is my dream
Too many sounds in a sunny land
Thought I’d become old
But I became young
Thought I’d lay in the dirt
But I flew to the sky

Sunshine feeds your head
Sunshine blows your mind
Sunshine never ends
You know sunshine ain’t no crime

Too much sunshine in your starry hair
Too much sunshine in the universe
Too much sunshine in an open field
Too much sunshine near the fireplace
Thought I’d love you more
Than you’ll ever guess
Thought I’d fly for your love
And never rest

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Well I met a funky lady and she says she’s my fraulein
And she sings about her make up and the hours of vielleicht
When the cosmic boom approaches she gets ready for the wave
She says pick me up another lovely frequency of shade
Cause in light I get so lonely and in darkness I dress up
You can take off all those clothes but later on you’ll call it luck
And then later we’ll have dinner till you scream out of your shoes
To the solar goddess glowing with a case of Tschussblues

She’s as perfect as a sunbeam and a bluebird on the rise
She goes beaming through the window like a ghost of foreign time
And a precious skirt and stockings too expensive to approach
Say I came her to adore you and I’ll wake you up real close
She says never mind the weather cause I’m calling from the sun
If you want to I’ll be naked in the rays of your electric gun
But shoot it cool and quiet and precisely on the spot
Or I’ll waste you like a riot that came creeping with the rose and up and up
And the cloud I climb says achtung das ist high wie sommer hue
I’m your Luna and your cat queen and a bit of das Tschussblues

Rolling like a thunder, sleeping like a star
She’s playing funky magic on the strings of my guitar
But when sleeping she’s as quiet as a cat beside the door
When I aim she’s getting busy at the only home she knows
So we have eternal dinner till you fuck out of your shoes
I will never rip you off your Tschussblues
That you painted on the moon

She says phase me out, phase me out real good
Phase me out or leave me, phase me out of your neighborhood
Phase me out and leave me, oh phase me out real good
She says phase me till you move the spoons

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

Empty out the highways
Empty out the doorways of your self
Another reason to push the empty door away
Another eagle floats away into the sun

Time is your friend
Use your brain

Love is your friend
Use your brain

Another daybreak
Another womb to choose you from
Another vision
Another empty barroom gone
You float away now
Happy in the Autumn sky…

(by Adam Jan Kaufmann)

We wake sun
We’re dead on the run
Assortment of guns
We have
We wake sun
We’re shooting for fun
Colors of death
We wear

Through electric storms
We crawl in soot
We harvest the land
We’ve got heavy boots
In gory fields
Of propaganda stars
We’re slow and sure
We’re headed for Mars

We wake sun

We’re reaping souls
When they enter womb
Can’t live a second
In atomic tombs
We’re cleaning minds
We leave behind
So that not a trace
Of our hand be found

We wake sun

We’ve a billion volts
Buzzing in the air
We’re the neutron bomb
We’re the devil dare
And in every stone
In every straw of grass
You can see our face
Molded smoke and glass

We wake sun


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