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Who said we can’t play pop music? NEW SINGLE on Via Kosmische!


New Compilation out now @ Aumega Project!

Säure Adler and Aumega Project present an exclusive compilation album, selecting 49 of the best and most interesting tracks (3h 53min.) spanning from 2013 to 2018. Also included are two rare demos from 2005. Most psychedelic and experimental tracks the Adler recorded meet krautrock, industrial, new wave, pop, and rock in a mix of weirdness and acid trips.
Founded in Poznań, Poland in 2012, the band moves on in the only right direction – outer space, supported by friends and the Aumega Project netlabel.

The KRAUT 50 project…

This year marks 50 years of krautrock, or, as we prefer to call it, underground German rock. To celebrate this occasion, in May we released a 50-track compilation album, “Kraut 50 – The Living Jam Album”. It is available on our bandcamp, and also via the great German netlabel, Aumega Project. Here are the links:

This month, we released a recent jam session album, “Proud To Be Kraut”, which is 8 tracks of cosmic repetetivness and chaos. This is part two of our project. We are currently working on even more music to celebrate this special year.

1968-2018 – onwards…


New compilation – “Just Then We Woke Up…”

“The Heavy Underground Krautrock, Kosmische and Psychedelic Industrial Sounds of Säure Adler. We present a special compilation made exclusively for First Earth Records that samples the extraordinary sounds of one of the great contemporary underground bands making new music in the cosmic tradition.
First Earth Records

“Earth Shanty”.

This is our brand new album, recorded live @ Via Kosmische, April 2018. It is a bit formless, just like the sky that appears over Stonehenge at certain star dates. It is a bit disintegrated, just like the stars that appear in the eye of the beautifully stoned beholder. We dedicate it to the spirit of free festivals, freethinkers, and free people. The spirit of the dawn.

Aumega Project!

Säure Adler are happy to announce we have joined Aumega Project, a great German netlabel for psychedelic sounds & atmospheres: Psychedelic, Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Space Rock, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi, Stoner, Experimental, Kosmische Musik, Ambient, Electronica, Avant-garde and more…
Enjoy all the artists and releases @

Aumega has just re-released three of our albums: “Kwasarstunde”, “En Masse”, and “The White Foreigners”. Please refer to our Aumega artist page for details:äure-adler/

Support the Psychedelic Underground, more news to follow!

Anarchokraut in Posen Stadt: “Wir Bleiben Alle” (the ‘mixtape’)

This here release is an avant-garde mixtape completed from various sources this year. Sometimes the sources got lost and it is hard to tell the dates and places and musicians and found tapes… it’s a mix of sound, a graffiti of noise that should cover every city’s walls. When walls weren’t machines, here’s the 2nd installation of anarcho kraut!