Brain Salad

Quotes from the Aural Innovations interview:
“Well, me and my friend Mati were recording since we were kids really, since 2002. Back then we used to record bass, guitars and vocals live direct to tape in a high rise block apartment in Poznan, Poland. I think the influences have been primarily Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and Amon Duul II; also Manilla Road and other classic metal bands. Those tapes were awful in terms of our skills, performance and quality, though I still occasionally recycle those riffs, as heard in parts of the Stoned Gypsy Wanderer album.”

“Yes, I mentioned my early teens project with Mati. It was called Brain Salad first, later Strange World. Lots of noise. It lasted 2 years and we did seven C90 cassettes.”

Now you can actually hear the 1st “legendary” (our families and friends were, upon hearing the recordings, convinced we’re bonkers) demo from 2002 (side A of “Vikings of the Sunrise” C90 tape) minus cover versions here:

Here are the Zehlendorf tapes, a nice addition to “Zehlendorf Notebooks”. See details on the release page:

Here’s the 2005 A.J. Kaufmann demo:

And here’s 2006 rare demo material:


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