Full Digital Discography:

Archive material (first line-up):

“Manilla Ungol”, 2015 – a compilation of pre-Sauer Adler tracks.
“2013”, 2015 – includes “Revelation” album, and “Second Revelation” EP from 2013.
“2014-2015”, 2015 – includes “The Trips and Dreams of Stephen Adler” album (2014), and “Wojaczekful of Kaufmann” EP (2015).
“Have Spacesuit Will Travel”, 2015 – a compilation of rarities.
“Live 14”, 2016 – a lo-fi live album recorded live in Poznan, Poland, 2014.


“The Munich Tapes”, 2015
“Doctor Cosmonaut” (EP), 2016
“Street Dada Brutalismus”, 2016
“Trippen Mit…”, 2016
“Polish Tribal Music”, 2017
“Sauer Adler”, 2017
“Punk Rock in the Sky with Diamonds”, 2017

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