Säure Adler, then called Sauer Adler, was founded in 2012 in Poznań, Poland by the underground poet, songwriter, and musician A.J. Kaufmann and the young talented keyboardist Kacper Wojaczek. The duo released their debut LP, „Revelation”, in 2013, independently. They rarely performed live, but quickly released a follow up EP titled „Second Revelation”, and, in 2014, another full album, „The Trips and Dreams of Stephen Adler”. The last release of this line-up was the 2015 „Wojaczekful of Kaufmann” EP, though the boys also recorded a cover of Amon Düül II’s „Archangels Thunderbird”, which was nicely received by the legendary band themselves, and allowed A.J. Kaufmann to meet the grandfathers of krautrock in person.

In 2015 A.J. Kaufmann started working with Radu Rusanu from Munich, Germany. The duo released their only album titled „The Munich Tapes” in 2015. It was a wild experiment, and a first more humorous release from the band, which now have started to take the krautrock influence on a broader, carefully twisted aspect.

Also in 2015, A.J. Kaufmann started working with Izabella Schoener (Luna Lenina), and together they released several albums of live recorded brutalist rock/kosmische punk, starting with the 2016-released „Street Dada Brutalismus”. Later in 2016, the duo was joined by the talented Eli on vocals, with whom A.J. Kaufmann recorded, produced, and released the “Starring Eli” LP for First Earth Records.

In 2017 the Kaufmann/Lenina duo released some more music, verging on the avant-garde side of krautrock, but also on the puryfying freshness of kosmik punk which, along with brutalist rock, has become the trademark sound of the band.

Later in 2017, upon A.J. Kaufmann’s return to Poland, the band changed its name from Sauer Adler to Säure Adler, and A.J. Kaufmann has started to collaborate with Poznań, Poland musicians/artists, mostly centered around the free improv/jam session/electronic underground scene of the city. The results of this work can be heard on two albums: „Bridge & Clarinet”, and „Dodo”, which are available as free downloads on the band’s bandcamp page.

On December 9 2017 „Kwasarstunde” has been released. It features the experimental/improv/kosmische line-up of Öbö Ść, Karol Firmanty, Kris Kolorado, and A.J. Kaufmann.

On January 1 2018, „The White Foreigners”, an industrial/noise/harsh ambient soundtrack to a non-existent movie, has been released.

New sounds will be now released quite regularly, and different line-ups, projects will be recorded/released under the Säure Adler banner from time to time. The journey has just begun.


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Est. 2012, Psychedelic, Krautrock, Brutalist Rock, Kosmische Punk. aumegaproject.jimdo.com/artists/säure-adler Management/Gigs twilightslastgleamings[at]gmail.com Band emblem by Justin Jackley.

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