“The Aumega Sessions” (Aumega Project, 2018)

Our latest album, released on Aumega Project, and accordingly titled “The Aumega Sessions” is out today. We have put a lot of work in these jam sessions, and are now happy to share them with the world. Support psychedelic underground…

Psychedelic, Krautrock, Brutalist Rock, Kosmische Punk (Poland)

Recorded Live at Amaranth House, in 2 jam sessions in January 2018, “The AUMega Sessions” captures the freshest sonic vibrations of Säure Adler.
Just as AUM is the signature sound of this Universe, this album is the signature sound of the latest jam incarnation of the kosmische punk duo.

Adam J. Kaufmann – voice, guitar, artwork.
Luna Lenina – bass guitar, drum machines.

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Aumega Project – AP-0116


Aumega Project!

Säure Adler are happy to announce we have joined Aumega Project, a great German netlabel for psychedelic sounds & atmospheres: Psychedelic, Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Space Rock, Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi, Stoner, Experimental, Kosmische Musik, Ambient, Electronica, Avant-garde and more…
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Aumega has just re-released three of our albums: “Kwasarstunde”, “En Masse”, and “The White Foreigners”. Please refer to our Aumega artist page for details:

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