“Starring Eli” (First Earth Records, 2018)

First Earth Records Presents…
the return of Säure Adler with an exclusive new album. Featuring the fantastic vocal talents of Eliza Dycha. A cosmic trip into the intense kosmische electronic and rock styles emanating from the European underground. Contemporary Krautrock for the age of Z.


New compilation – “Just Then We Woke Up…”

“The Heavy Underground Krautrock, Kosmische and Psychedelic Industrial Sounds of Säure Adler. We present a special compilation made exclusively for First Earth Records that samples the extraordinary sounds of one of the great contemporary underground bands making new music in the cosmic tradition.
First Earth Records

“Earth Shanty”.

This is our brand new album, recorded live @ Via Kosmische, April 2018. It is a bit formless, just like the sky that appears over Stonehenge at certain star dates. It is a bit disintegrated, just like the stars that appear in the eye of the beautifully stoned beholder. We dedicate it to the spirit of free festivals, freethinkers, and free people. The spirit of the dawn.

“Fruits of Weird Dawn” – NEW ALBUM!

Our latest album is literally fruits of weird dawn, as it was recorded during psychedelic Polish mornings in the peaceful, creative Via Kosmische surroundings. We made green tea, smoked some stuff, and jammed to get some fruits – and then gathered the (rather short and no-wavy, noisy) jams onto one LP. We hope you enjoy the tracks! Psychedelic noise rock from Alpha Persei sails on…

Big Spontan Live @ Radio Afera

W Aferze pojawiliśmy się w składzie bezbasowym, zebranym na szybko, praktycznie tuż przed wejściem do aferzastego studia, i na antenę. Do składu dołączyła Eli, z którą Adler pracuje nad płytką “Starring Eli”, Jarek, którego zdolności do gry na kongach odkryłem podczas jamów u Pana Gara (jak również perkusji – Jarek pojawia się na “strychowych” płytkach Adlera), Myha, z którym popełniłem już wcześniej płytkę pod naszym szyldem solowym, Damian, który daje czadu w Kakofoniktach i Jeszcze Żyję, a na specjalne wyróżnienie zasługuje Adi, który całą tą sprawę ustawił. Dziękujemy też oczywiście wszystkim z Afery, a najbardziej realizatorom i pani prowadzącej. A oto materiał:

A short EP just for kicks

This was recorded yesterday, Live @ Amaranth House’s garage. Inspired by VU’s “White Light / White Heat”, Japanese punk bands, no-fi, no wave, Butthole Surfers, this is an “imaginary demo”, meaning this could be the first Sauer Adler release (instead of the folky “Revelation” album which we unleashed back in 2013). But you can’t change history! So, this is the zero point again, which is important for any musician, who doesn’t want ego to take over. Directly before recording this monster to 4 track, we listened to Guru Guru’s “UFO” album.

2 new albums.

After Aumega Sessions, we had some leftover jams that we edited and released as “Emptorus Reperitus”, a faux latin title, which is a tribute to Blue Cheer. We also had some unfinished A.J. Kaufmann material, for songs he wrote as a kid, and finished in 2018, motivated by tapes he found during his move from one apartment to another. It’s called “Telegraph Hill Conservation Area”. We hope you enjoy the albums. We also had a nice radio session for the local Radio Afera station – in a no-bass line-up, completed in Poznan just a day before entering the radio studio. So it was really a loose poetic jam broadcasted live. More news on that in a seperate post….
Here are the albums:

Est. 2012, Brutalist Rock/Kosmische Punk. + Underground krautrock, psychedelic noise rock from Alpha Persei. Formerly known as Sauer Adler.